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CPP Payments, Orders, Shipping FAQs

We appreciate your business with us at ChicagoPontoonParts.com and ChicagoPontoons.com. We are a wholesale online store that sells pontoon and marine original OEM parts, our own manufactured parts, and when available used or recycled parts.


We accept PayPal, Braintree, Venmo, ACH, cash, wire transfer and the following credit cards: VISA, Master Card, Discover, American Express through our PayPal processor. We charge a 3.9% surcharge for processing. If products are not pre-boxed, there may be a packaging fee added.  

CPP’s pre-registered USA dealers may pay by corporate check or cash. Email: CPP Accounts at chicagopontoons@gmail.com for a Dealer Application.

CPP will only accept a wire transfer or ACH transfer only under the following conditions:

  • If your credit card and (your driver’s license or passport) addresses do not match,
  • If the buyer is from a foreign nation, and;
  • If the buyer is utilizing a freight forwarding company to manage the client’s transaction and/or shipping.

If your purchase is over $1,500, we’ll ONLY accept wire transfers or an ACH or call CPP Accounting for approval by CPP for your financial arrangements at CPP: 773.791.7311. Monday-Saturday, 9am-3pm.

Orders: Product CP Designs and/or Re-Designs, Parts Warranty

  • We offer a 10-year warranty on all crossmembers we manufacture.
  • We offer a 4-year part warranty on our seat product line(s) we manufacture.  
  • CP will warranty any log/float/toon aluminum product we improve for 30 days. All products our company improves are tested, where applicable, at the completion of the reassembly.
  • Certain pre-packaged parts from OEM marine parts companies will have their own warranty. Contact the manufacture directly to learn of their warranty, and product repairs and replacement.

Sales Tax

We are located in Indiana and we do charge the 7% Indiana state required “sales tax” on all “new products”. Recycled / Used products have no tax consequence. Recycled products that have been modified by us with “New parts”, will have sales tax charged to the buyer.


All shipping costs or charges are the responsibility of the buyer, no matter if you are purchasing a product or returning a product. CPP will not accept any shipping related charges, or deal with international duty, or any shipping returns of any kind.  

Our shipping team will assist you with connecting with a shipping (UPS, FedEx, or US Postmaster) or LTL (trucking) company. Contact CPP at 773.791.7311 or chicagopontoons@gmail.com

LTL / Freight Shipping

Most freight shippers desire a loading dock or a fork lift in order to deliver products. You can ask the shipping company for a delivery truck with a lift gate for an extra fee. If you don’t have a loading dock or fork lift, call our shipping team at 773.791.7311 so we can help you work through your options.  

Damaged Packaging or Product

If your product comes to you with either damaged packaging or the product is damaged upon arrival, you must contact the shipping company for your remedy or insurance claim. CPP’s recommendation is to not sign for the package if the packaging is damaged, and again contact the shipping company directly.


Shipping claims are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Chicago Pontoons Product claim, we'll replace any product because of workmanship failure (thread coming apart). Client must take photos of the failure and all sides of the product along with the description of the problem. Once approved, send the product back, with the purchase receipt, and return shipping receipt. CPP will replace it and cover shipping for the replacement piece.


CPP will accept most product returns from our clients, “once approved by us”. Questions? Contact our shipping team at 773.791.7311 or chicagopontoons@gmail.com MUST RECEIVE OUR APPROVAL to send a product back, you must call our shipping team.

CPP will not accept a return for a refund or in-store credit for the following reasons:

  • After 25 business days (Monday-Saturday):
  • No Original Receipt with the Returning Approved Product
  • If the product doesn’t have all the original documentation, and/or parts that it came with.
  • Recycled / Used Product.
  • The aesthetic look, style or color doesn’t appeal to the buyer.
  • Products Modified by the Client.
  • Products installed or used by the client.
  • Products Custom Made by CP or it’s Vendors at the Request of the Client.
  • Certain New Products CPP offers that indicate in the product listing “final sale”, “no warranty”, and/or “no returns”.
  • Products that are less than their “full original factory warranty”, and;
  • All electronic or Electric products with a time sensitive warranty.

Conditional Returns

·         Products that had its own packaging, but are not returned with the original packaging, there will be a 20% repackaging surcharge against the cost of the product, and we will ONLY offer “in-store credit”, provided the product meets all of our requirements.

·         All products returned that we do accept will have an 7% restocking fee. Clients may contact us by phone to discuss at CPP 773.791.7311 Monday-Saturday, 9am-3pm

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